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Hack To Start
Episode 11

Zack Shapiro

Open-sourcing my creative process working on Built in Public.

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Episode Overview

Zack graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Journalism. After sharing some cool ideas with The Next Big Sound, working at TechStars, then Path, he decided he needed to learn how to code. Talking his way into a special internship with Task Rabbit, Zack learned to code within 3 months of working there, focusing on ruby on rails.

He shares insights on how he learned to code, how he built both and Luna (acquired by, how he's now building products publicaly with Built In Public, and more.

Some Of The Questions We Ask

Where are you from, what did you study and how did your passion for entrepreneurship start?

You graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, but ended up Next Big Sound in Boulder, then TechStars, Path and finally Task Rabbit as a full stack developer - how did you learn to code and build products?

How did you learn to code? Is there a good process to learn properly?

How did you hack these products and their growth so quickly?

How did you build Luna and get it acquired by Doorman?

You’re currently working on Built In Public? Can you tell us what that’s about and what products are coming out of it?

You’re also helping the awesome guys at Product Hunt - first of all if anyone doesn’t already know, what is it and what are some of the cool things you’re involved with there?

Can you share one funny or unbelievable story about yourself and/or your companies that very few people know?

You probably get asked a variation of this a bunch since Product Hunt started, but what apps, tools, or books are you obsessed with right now?

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How Zack taught himself to code.
  • How pitching ideas can create unique opportunities for you.
  • How to get creative while building a startup if key to growth, survival, and keeping customers happy :)
  • How building your ideas in public can help make them better and even attract the right talent.
  • And More!

Here are some of the most important links and resources mentioned throughout the show.

Twitter Handles & Websites

Zack on Twitter
Built In Public on the Web
StopCoin on the Web
Tyler Copeland on Twitter
Franco Varriano on Twitter

Books & Apps

99% Invisible
Getting More

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