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Hack To Start
Episode 5

Josh Pigford

Maker. Currently building Baremetrics.

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Episode Overview

Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics, one-click Saas analytics for Stripe. He shares his experience on creating MVP software products that create value and how to price from day 1.

Josh has always been an entrepreneur and a maker of things. He previously founded PopSurvey, Temper, and was founder & editor of TheAppleBlog among others.

Some Of The Questions We Ask

Where are you from and how did your interest in entrepreneurship develop?

What is Baremetrics, why did you create it and how did you hack the first version in less than a month?

You created a pretty awesome presentation called from idea to 5K/mth in 5 months. The main message is to charge for your product from day 1 and learn from it, continually shipping. How did you hack Baremetrics to 5k/mth for the first 5 months?

What are some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when building a product?

How do you use metrics like Average revenue per user (ARPU) or Monthly Reoccuring Revenue (MRR) to know if you’re making progress or not? Whether the business is viable or not?

Your demo page shows your actual business stats. Buffer also publicly releases their business revenue data through your platform. Do you think this level of transparency is the future of startups?

Baremetrics just took on 500k from the Stripe Fund. Why did you decide to take the money instead of continuing to bootstrap yourself? What’s in store for the future?

What are some of your favourite apps/tools/books right now?

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • Why you should charge for your product from Day 1.
  • Why Josh started Baremetrics - and how he got it to 5k per month within 5 months.
  • How to price according to your target customers.
  • How to create enough value with your product that people won't leave.
  • And more!

Here are some of the most important links and resources mentioned throughout the show.

Twitter Handles & Websites

Josh Pigford on Twitter
Baremetrics on Twitter
Baremetrics on the Web
Tyler Copeland on Twitter
Franco Varriano on Twitter

Books & Apps

The War of Art
Buzz Marketing

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