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Episode 18

Cat Noone

Co-Founder & Chief Design @LiberioApp • Doing stuff @designtionships @tinycoo @typoguide

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Cat the co-founder of Liberio, simple eBook creation & one-click publishing. She shares how these cities and her perspective on design has changed with each place. Cat also shares the importance of side projects.

Episode Overview

Cat Noone is the co-founder of Liberio, simple eBook creation & one-click publishing right from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Github and more.

Cat has lived and worked in both New York and San Francisco before moving to Berlin. She shares how these cities have changed her perspective on design and speaks about the importance of balance and side projects.

Some Of The Questions We Ask

Where are you from, what did you study and how did your passion for entrepreneurship start?

You seem to have lots of experience working in the early education industry. How did you get involved in this field of work?

Before working on your own projects, you were involved in the design of large brands. Why did you leave to pursue your own thing?

You co-founded and lead design at Liberio. What is it and what drove you to create it?

Why did you choose to integrate with Google Drive? What will we see from Liberio in the New Year?

Why did you both decide to start Designer Relationships?

Your design career has spanned across 3 major cities with rich design and startup culture, New York City, San Francisco, and Berlin. How has each city influenced you? Which one had the biggest influence?

What advice can you give to a designer who is moving to a new city and is trying to break into the design scene?

What are your biggest challenges being a solo designer within a startup?

In which industries or technologies do you currently see the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs?

What other cool apps, tools, or books are you obsessed with right now?

What You Learn In This Episode

  • Why Cat recommends everyone work in various environments.
  • How pursuing your passions is important for personal learning, growth, and development.
  • How her perspective on design has shifted and been impacted by living in 3 major cities.
  • Why side projects are critical for designers.
  • And more!

Here are some of the most important links and resources mentioned throughout the show.

Twitter Handles & Websites

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Liberio on the Web
Tyler Copeland on Twitter
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Books & Apps

The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Zero To One
How We Got To Now

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