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Hack To Start
Episode 9

Adrian Salamunovic

Co-founder @DNA11/ @CanvasPop / @getcrated.


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Episode Overview

Adrian Salamunovic is the co-founder of WorkshopX, a company that invests in, builds and launches great technology businesses like: DNA11, CanvasPop, Crated, and PopKey.

He shares how to build compelling stories for your startups and continually get press. Adrian has been featured by Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, CSI: Miami, Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times and the Conan O’Brien Show among many more.

Some Of The Questions We Ask

Where are you from, what did you study and how did your passion for entrepreneurship start?

You’ve founded something pretty special: WorkshopX. What is it and what does it do?

How did you first come up with the idea for DNA11 and CanvasPop?

You’ve always been able to get tons of press for your companies - notably CanvasPop (featured on CSI:NY, CNN, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Wired etc). How did you hack your way into these press opportunities?

Is press a necessary part of any startup?

You launched Crated a few months ago - it’s a marketplace for photographers to sell their work on print and canvas. With the launch, we also saw Crated popup stores in New York City. What are some of the things we are going to next from Crated?

One of the first projects under the WorkshopX brand was PopKey, which is an animated GIF keyboard for iOS. Can you take us through the process you followed to go from idea to app store?

So within the last year you and Naz have launched Crated, WorkspaceX and PopKey. What’s next for you guys?

What are some of your favourite apps/tools/books right now?

What You'll Learn Learn In This Episode

  • How Adrian started two multimillion dollar businesses with $2,000.
  • How finding someone who's your complete opposite can be a terrific partnership.
  • How press can be a very effective growth strategy - if done properly.
  • How building platforms are more of a long-term game than other business models.
  • Why it's important to appreaciate the ups as much as the downs and appreciate where you're at.
  • And more!

Here are some of the most important links and resources mentioned throughout the show.

Twitter Handles & Websites

Adrian on Twitter
WorkshopX on the Twitter
WorkshopX on the Web
PopKey on Twitter
PopKey on the Web
Tyler Copeland on Twitter
Franco Varriano on Twitter

Books & Apps

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