We've been bouncing around the idea of launching a podcast for a while now. Meeting innovators, hackers, entrepreneurs, and generally people who just do really cool shit is lots of fun.

It's actually like a drug for Tyler and I. The more interesting people you meet, learn from, and build relationships with, the more you want to just keep going.

And there are just so many amazing people out there in the world to learn from, but how do you share that type of personal relationship and information with more people?

One of the major side effects of all this is the burning need to create. To just try something new and bring an idea to life.

Neither Tyler nor I have ever done a podcast, let alone edit audio tracks too much - so it seemed like a cool thing to try out. So that's why we're launching:

Hack To Start - A Podcast Focused On Interesting People And The Innovative Ways They Achieve Success

Hack To Start

Our goal is to inspire others to realize that success begins with a first step - an often un-perfect, completely pieced together, stumbled upon first "hack" - that leads to something bigger. Most people aren't sure where or how to start, and hopefully the stories and insights we'll be sharing will help.

This adventure - and Hack To Start in general - is something that we hope will get better at over time. But this is the point of Hack To Start, its very mission. To ship fast, make mistakes, try new ideas, and learn.

But your feedback would mean a lot. Feel free to let us know what you think, who you'd like to hear from and if you like it, share with your friends, familly, and other random strangers on the internet.

You can checkout Hack To Start online here:

Website: HackToStart.com
Medium: Our blog and recap of interviews
Twitter: @HackToStart
Facebook: HackToStart
SoundCloud: HackToStart

Or email us directly: Hey[AT]HackToStart[DOT]com